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LAS MUERTAS, 2017   


Plaster, canvas and frozen ink

60 in X 14 in X 14 in



Not for sale



This piece, presented in Salon Acme no. 8, is part of the installation “Las Muertas” (NYC, 2017). Although playful and even cartoonish, it portrays the concepts of loss, spirituality, pain, mystery, and gender. With this duality, this work seeks to achieve emotions that connect materiality to the universal human experience. A metal frame was covered with canvas to support a tiny plaster foot in decay. The character of the work shows a deformed body, forgotten and without identity. Turning on its axis, it spills the frozen ink drops that melt from the top; going down, the inert legs are painted and the black ink marks a circular outline on the floor. This motion alludes to the passage of time, and the anguish generated by uncertainty. In the end, when the ink runs through the whole body, it ends where the blood of our dead ones is often thrown away: in the drain.

Photos & Videos: Cartú 

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